D20 Source is On Hiatus

After five years and over 500 posts, D20 Source is taking a break. You can still follow @d20source on Twitter for occasional interesting links, retweets, and important announcements.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the D20 Source archives:

I’d also like to recommend the following RPG blogs. I’ve listed them here by topic; please check them out and subscribe to whichever take your interest.

Thank you for your patience.

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We’re On Twitter and Facebook Now

D20 Source has established outposts in the realms of Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: @d20source

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115866881807439 or search for “D20 Source”

Follow the Twitter page for article updates and retweets of the major D&D news and opinion. Follow the Facebook group to receive immediate updates whenever a new post goes live.

There are also Twitter and Facebook buttons on every post. Think of these as votes to see more of the articles you like.

Second Chance to Receive Free D&D PDFs

The Le Games has generously given D20 Source permission to continue hosting this week’s PDF giveaway until the end of the month. You have until Tuesday to download these three expansions for D&D 3.5:

If you’re still hungry for D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder content, D20 Source has the full content of 17 Relics, originally published by The Le Games and written by Jonathan Drain.

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Free D&D PDF #3 - Last Chance

If you’re following the RSS feed, you may have missed Monday and Tuesday’s free D&D PDF giveways to celebrate the 36th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons and the 10th anniversary of D&D third edition. Today D20 Sources the last of three PDFs graciously donated from The Le Games's line of third edition player enhancement books.

Today, you can download 17 Archer Feats. Save it out while the download is still available.

If you missed the previous two offers, the previous PDFs are still available for the time being: Monday’s expansive Treasures of Malevolent Magic and the comically named (but seriously useful) Pimp My Paladin.

Free PDF #2

D20 Source Dungeons & Dragons Blog has teamed up with The Le Games to give away a D&D PDF every day until Wednesday to celebrate the 36th anniversary of D&D.

Yesterday’s offer was a free PDF copy of Treasures of Malevolent Might, a collection of 36 magic items including several artifacts.

Today, you can download Pimp My Paladin, a tongue-in-cheek titled collection of serious ways to beef up your divine warrior for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. Save now while the file is still available!

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Free PDF Offer Celebrates D&D’s 36th Birthday

Dungeons & Dragons is 36 years old today, and to celebrate, D20 Source has teamed up with publisher The Le Games to give presents to every reader.

Gen Con VII took place in 1974 from August 23-25. It was at this convention that TSR launched the original Dungeons & Dragons, in a print run of only 1,000 copies. This August also marks the tenth anniversary of the Dungeons & Dragons third edition Player’s Handbook, estimated to have sold several hundred thousand copies per year.

To celebrate, we’re giving away a selection of The Le Games’ player-oriented third edition PDFs, one every day for the next three days.

Today’s release is Treasures of Malevolent Magic, a collection of 35 magic items for Dungeons & Dragons third edition. Right-click and Save As to download your copy - the offer won’t stay up for long.

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D20 Source 400th Post!

Image by PunkJr via flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic

D20 Source this week makes its 400th post! Thanks to all the readers, contributors and other bloggers who have made this one of the most popular Dungeons & Dragons blogs. Over 11,000 people read D20 Source each month and around 1,100 people subscribe via RSS.

I’d like to take the opportunity to ask for your feedback. What are your favourite articles? What are you interested in reading that D20 Source doesn’t already cover? What D&D problems need solving and what is the game missing?

Hit the commment link below and give your opinion!

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We’re Moving… to Tuesdays and Thursdays

Starting next week, D20 Source is moving to a Tuesday/Thursday update schedule. This should give readers a more reliable update schedule.

Tuesday’s updates will usually be written by Jonathan Drain, a web developer and sometimes RPG freelance writer. Jonathan plays Dungeons & Dragons third edition, fourth edition, and other D20 RPGs. His articles cover a variety of topics, including opinion pieces and new game rules for 3E and 4E. You can send feedback and article suggestions to jonathan@d20source.com.

Thursday’s updates will usually be written by Brandan Landgraff, a regular contributor from Canada. Brandan has been playing Dungeons & Dragons since the late 80s and is a dedicated student of the art of running roleplaying games. His articles frequently cover Dungeons & Dragons fourth edition, as well as edition-neutral advice on running campaigns. You can send feedback and article suggestions to brandan@d20source.com.

Important news will be posted throughout the week, and additional updates on some Saturdays. Please look forward to it.

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Survey Results Are In

The results of last week’s survey are in. Here are the results.

1. Which edition do you play?

It’s almost even: 55% of readers play 4E, while 60% play 3E (there’s some overlap, of course). 28% play Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG, 27% play another D20 based RPG, and 19% play AD&D or another edition.

37% play some RPG other than D&D. Over fifty RPGs were mentioned. The most popular are Savage Worlds (6%), GURPS (4%) and Shadowrun (4%), with honourable mentions to Legend of the Five Rings and the World of Darkness games.

2. How often do you visit?

31% of readers visit multiple times per week, and 15% say they visit weekly or so. 14% visit less often. Surprisingly, 40% of D20 Source readers only read the RSS feed.

3. Favourite types of content?

Dungeon mastering advice is by far the most popular topic, with 70% of you asking for more DMing articles. Only 1% wanted less on this topic. Second is player advice, with 55% in favour of more and only 5% wanting to see less. On fluff/inspiration, opinion articles, and product reviews, about 50% are happy with the current amount while around a third would like to see more.

4. Which edition for new content?

Around half of users were happy with the amount of content appearing for third edition, edition-netural, and other RPGs. The exception is D&D fourth edition, which as expected is heavily polarized: about one third wants to see more 4E, while around one third wants less.

Edition-neutral content is popular with the most readers, with only 3% asking to see less of it.

5. Miniatures

Surprisingly, the vast majority of D20 Source readers use some sort of minis or equivalent in their game.

60% use official D&D miniatures, while 61% (some overlap here of course) use other miniatures. 46% employ various objects (including dice, coins or pieces from board games), and 38% create paper or card tokens. 13% use a computer software solution like Gametable. Only 17% game with no miniatures at all.

6. PDF sales

On an idea, I asked readers if they’d be interested in a D20 Source line of PDF-based RPG products. 73% of you answered yes to one or more product types. The most popular suggestion was 4th edition adventure modules with 52%, followed by 3rd edition adventure modules at 43%.

7. Update frequency

Most of you responded that you were happy with the current update schedule of three articles per week: 75%. Only 6% think that’s too much, while 19% would like to see a new article every day.

8. Overall rating

The average rating was four stars out of five, with 72%. 17% voted five stars, and 10% three stars. No readers voted one or two stars.

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll use this information to (hopefully) improve the quality of D20 Source.