Dicecards: Polyhedral Dice in Deck Form

Occasionally, something really cool shows up on Kickstarter. Dicecards is one such project.

Dicecards is a deck of Poker cards with varying pictures of thirty types of dice, allowing you to simulate any dice roll by drawing a card from the deck. Each card depicts several dice including polyhedral (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20), Fudge, average (used in wargaming), directional (Warhammmer 40k), Craps and HeroQuest, plus other objects like a coin, a Scrabble tile, and a compass direction.

The Kickstarter has already hit its funding goal of £5,500 with two weeks to go, but you can still get in and pre-order a deck for £8.

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Erendrake (January 18th, 2013)

How cool, kicked it :)

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