The Challenge of Finding Epic Level Soap

Over at Critical Hits, Vanir (who you may remember from the blog Stupid Ranger) has written up a list of 10 epic level problems nobody thinks about. For instance, where do you get the epic level soap necessary to wash off epic level bacteria? And how do you speak to normal folk when your voice booms with deific thunder?

Then there’s this problem:

Woe betide the fool who ascends to godhood at a family reunion. Does your family worship you now?

“Please pass the green beans, Sun Lord.”


Link: 10 Epic-Level Problems Nobody Thinks About, via Critical Hits

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Gregory Elfrink (February 27th, 2012)

Haha that is terrific.

Epic level soap.

Think about how many people at the family reunion thinks you’re an a-hole for not creating copious amounts of rain in the desert to people dying ofd dehydration.

All sorts of family problems could arise for sure.

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