Links Roundup: 13th December 2010

The Things We Do For Love, via Penny Arcade. Webcomic on DM burnout.

Semiprecious Stones, base 50gp value, via Jeff’s Gameblog. Actual photographs of gems from the D&D treasure list. See also last week’s Links Roundup for the 10gp base value gem list.

The Largest RPG Download Store introduces POD, via Stargazer’s World. In short, Drive Thru RPG is doing print on demand now.

The Executive Barrier, via Kayinworks. The designer of I Wanna Be The Guy discusses reward, skill and difficulty in game design.

89 Colorful Kennings, via Kobold Quarterly. Metaphors from Viking myth. I can’t think of a way to integrate this into a D&D game but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Understanding the Economy of Actions, via Sly Flourish. Fourth edition mechanics.

Five Reasons to Love Gamma World, via Sly Flourish.

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Chuck Benscoter (December 13th, 2010)

Do you take suggestions for links roundup?

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