Links Roundup: 14th November 2010

Look what I found on the Internet.

4e D&D Plays Like a Video Game, and That’s Awesome, via The Dread Gazebo.

The Powers That Be, via Newbie DM. The presentation of powers as fluff in D&D 4E, and how they can be handled well.

Historical Steel: The Haft of It, via Kobold Quarterly. Polearms though history. The difficulty of refining steel before the 19th Century meant that swords were usually too expensive.

Coming Soon: Microlite75 Version 0.9, via RetroRoleplaying. There’s a new version of the extra-lightweight Microlite75 ruleset based on oldschool D&D.

5 Reasons Why I Love War Campaigns, via The Red Box Blog.

JParanoia software to go open-source, via Paranoia. This is about the software for playing the comedic Paranoia tabletop RPG online.

D&D Essentials and the 4.5 Edition Issue, via Critical Hits. Is there going to be a “4.5E”? Has it happened already?

Evolve or die… or, A diatribe on my feelings about new editions!, via Stargazer’s World.