Links Roundup: 10th November 2010

Happy Halloween!, via Grognardia.

Why stop with the Anti-Paladin, via Greywulf’s Lair. Interesting antithetical character class concepts.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, via Grognardia. Announcement of Goodman Games’ upcoming oldschool RPG.

6d6 Shootouts — Free Download, via 6d6 Fireball.

Ask the Kobold: Taking the Initiative, via Kobold Quarterly. Skip Williams gives some interesting insight into the development of D&D 3E’s initiative system.

Essentials ranger preview: Redeeming Twin Strike, via Square Fireballs.

Analyzing the Essentials Assassin, ia Square Fireballs.

D&D’s Gorgon Found!, via Trollsmyth.

New City of Greyhawk Maps, via Greyhawk Grognard.

More Gamma World? YES, via Blog of Holding. Some thoughts on the new wacky post-apocalyptic Omega World RPG.

The Architect DM: Give It Some Structure, via Real Steel: The Katana, Kobold Quarterly. A swordsmith describes the creation of the real-world katana.

Ritual, via NeoGrognard. Some excellent insights into the development of D&D 4th edition by Stephen Radney-MacFarland, former WotC writer:

There was this idea that if you could make D&D speak less jargoned, that new people would have an easier time learning it. […] I’m willing to bet that some kid who grew up reading Harry Potter novels and playing console RPGs doesn’t need to be glad-handed with less jargon, they need to be inspired. They need to find a new world to explore. They know the jargon game. Some of them love the jargon game.

Thanks to the blogs and articles linked for their work over the past three weeks.