Links Roundup: 9th November 2010

Real Steel: The Danish Axe, via Kobold Quarterly. Professional bladesmith Todd Gdula describes the real world viking weapon that became D&D’s greataxe.

Essentials Paladin: Defender’s aura, shift prevention, less choices., via Square Fireballs. Analysis of 4E’s new Essentials Paladin.

Twenty Ways to Improve Your Game, via Robert J. Schwalb.

Restructuring Skill Challenges, via Gamecrafters’ Guild. On 4E skill challenges.

A Monster a Day …, via Gamecrafters’ Guild. Announcement of a new 4E monster statblock every day for the month of November.

Greywulf’s Guide to 4e Character Generation by Hand, via Greywulf’s Lair. Very useful if you’ve relied on the Character Builder so far but aren’t renewing your subscription, can’t use the online tool at your gaming table, or miss the old fashioned way of doing things.

Neurons & Lobes: Examining Psionics, Part 2 of 5, via Campaign Mastery. A huge work of pseudoscience on the way psionics works.

Interviewing Potential Players, via Campaign Mastery. What can you do if you’re hesitant to add a new player to an established group, but need to fill an empty chair? See also This Survey For New Players Ensures A Good Fit.

Plot flowchart example, via Campaign Mastery.

25 Cleric Character Hooks, via Campaign Mastery.

New Generator: Roleplaying A Black Dragon, via Campaign Mastery (again).

A better formula for minion damage., via Square Fireballs.

Thanks to the blogs linked for their efforts.