Links Roundup: 8th November 2010

I’ve been hoarding links for the past three weeks, expecting only a few top-notch articles. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I’d accumulated thirty-five links worth sharing. I’m going to post the rest over the next three days.

Return of the Immortals, via Stargazer’s World. Rambling on the old D&D Immortals set that puts the I in BECMI.

My rant on WotC’s new Character Builder, via Stargazer’s World. A summary of common concerns on the new web-only 4E character builder. The new version will require an internet connection, makes account sharing harder, and can’t be used without an active subscription.

The End of The Forge, via Stargazer’s World. Indie RPG forum The Forge is set to close.

Why I Don’t Want Anime In My D&D, via More Than Dice. Gestalt Gamer notes the influence of the hyper-exaggerated elements of Japanese animation on tabletop RPGs.

RPG Alternate Histories, via The RPG Corner. What would RPGs look like if Gary Gygax hadn’t created Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s?

Dungeons & Dragons: Opening the Monster Vault, via The Escapist. A short video review of Monster Vault for D&D 4E. The set includes an adventure module, a monster manual complete with actual fluff, and ten sheets of paper pogs for miniatures.

POGS Or Minis?, via The Kyngdoms. With a new cardboard pog product out and the cancellation of a miniatures line, what is the future of D&D miniatures?

Taking Aim: A Primer on Traditional Archery, via The Art of Manliness. Background information on real-world archery.

Transitional Technologies and RPGs, via Grognardia. A long-winded tale of how tabletop RPGs have lost ground against video games, but they’re still good.

Character Builder goes online!, via Square Fireballs. An extended analysis.

Is D&D Esssentials Worth It?, via D20 Source. I’ll put this here and see if anyone notices I’m linking my own blog.

Ask Dr. Evil: Better late than never?, via Robert J. Schwalb. Encounter building advice for D&D 4E.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow, October’s links collect fifteen good articles.

If you’re the author of one of these articles, thank you for your contribution to the RPG blogging scene!

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Sian (November 8th, 2010)

Linking your own blog? is that even LEGAL?


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