Free PDF #2

D20 Source Dungeons & Dragons Blog has teamed up with The Le Games to give away a D&D PDF every day until Wednesday to celebrate the 36th anniversary of D&D.

Yesterday’s offer was a free PDF copy of Treasures of Malevolent Might, a collection of 36 magic items including several artifacts.

Today, you can download Pimp My Paladin, a tongue-in-cheek titled collection of serious ways to beef up your divine warrior for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. Save now while the file is still available!

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Orion (August 24th, 2010)

Only problem they limit it so if you can’t check you email everyday it kicks you instead of being nice too you, missed the first one, guess I’ll wait for it to come back around before I ever consider ordering anything as a return thank you!

Orion (August 24th, 2010)

Missed it at first, but found Treasures of Malevolent Might on another page? was it by accident or on purpose?

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