The Unassailable Wall of Realism

It’s that darn real world intruding on the fun. The Unassailable Wall of Realism.

The UWoR never stands in the way of fantasy games. Because its fantasy, the GM can make anything up, and it’s as plausible as you want it to be, more or less. I don’t just mean handwaving mistakes away by saying “it’s magic” (although there’s some freedom in that too). I mean that the town guards don’t have to act like historical town guards or modern policemen. They can act like however you want them too, and it’s not incorrect. Since you make your own definitions in fantasy, you can’t do it “wrong.” You might create a fantastic situation that someone else doesn’t care for, but there’s no objective way to measure it all. It’s all subjective.

— Monte Cook, Top Secret.

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DnD Guy (June 28th, 2010)

I do believe that some realism is good for your game however, some sense of wonder is lost from a fantasy game the more realistic it becomes. an it should be kept too a minimum at all costs.

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