World Building 101: Inns and Outs

This article previously appeared on August 19th 2009. It reappears here as part of Brandan Landgraff’s World Building 101 series of articles.

At the end of a hard day adventuring, the most popular place for PCs to rest their weary heads is typically the local inn. It is the adventurer’s home away from home, base of operations, and the best place to celebrate a successful journey.

As it is generally one of the places that you can expect your PCs to be spending a lot of time, it makes sense to put a bit of effort into making the inn more than just a place to sleep. A memorable inn can be so much more—a place to introduce new characters and plot hooks both major and minor, and a place that actually feels like home. It could even be possible to run an entire adventure based solely in the inn, if it is set up correctly.

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The Worldsmith (June 17th, 2010)

Yea a good post, to me finding an inn, or several if your party bases itself in a wider region, that you enjoy and call home is a rewarding a curcial aspect to a long running campaign.

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