Saturday RPG Links

Frank Trollman at RPG forum The Gaming Den takes a rare look at a Cold War era Czech D&D clone:

So today we’re going to be doing a little bit of a review of the Czech exclusive RPG Drači DoupÄ› Plus, or as it is known in short hand: DrD+. In case this wasn’t immediately obvious from the name alone, this is an old school Dungeons & Dragons clone. The things that make it different from any of a thousand fantasy heartbreakers you will never play is that this one was designed behind the Iron Curtain by Czechoslovakian gamers in secret, and then released to the masses shortly after the wall came down in 1990.

Penny Arcade posts a ten minute video on why D&D is important to players.

Dicecreator’s Blog posts a guide on making your own custom dice.

In an old post from Jeff’s Gameblog, Jeff Rients reminds us that D&D was just a fad and may never become mainstream popular. Harsh!

Big Ball of No Fun offers a use of the Insight skill to gauge enemy strength. This could also be applied to D&D 3e’s Sense Motive skill.