Bronzemurder’s Bravest Sons

Today I’m sharing two links on Dwarf Fortress, a dwarven settlement management game with deep gameplay and nethack-style ASCII graphics.

The first is Bronzemurder, the epic tale of a fortress whose well drilling efforts are blocked by a deadly winged lizard. The story is beautifully depicted by the author, who happens to be a graphic artist.

A legendary fell beast rests on the first pump in a mighty pump stack, a grand project that has taken years of concerted dwarfen effort in order to bring running water to the fort.

All 23 pumps are in place, and the dwarves have finally figured out how to bring power to the pumps from the windmills above ground. The only problem is one small engineering error; the first pump, the lowest one, needs to be pumped manually.

A dwarf has to go down there and operate it.

The second is Ashmalice, here in a comment on a blog entry. Ashmalice is the story of a dwarf settlement attacked by an unstoppable horde of demons, and the lengths the dwarves are prepared to go to to defend their settlement.

Ashmalice was a fire demon of legendary status. Not only had he existed in the prehistory of the fort, but he had over 550 kills — which included 2 entire tribes of goblins, a handful of elves, and a terrifying ammound of dwarves… one of whom was the king of the mountain-homes.

Fast forwarding to the present time major construction was underway of the fort. Many many immigrants had arrived over the years and times were good for the dwarves. Having many legendary carvers and warriors my friend grew lax in his defenses. And his dwarves paid the price when a miner unearthed a glowing pit deep below the dungeons carved into the mountain.

Within an hour my friend’s fortress was besieged by a nearly unending horde of demonic horrors. Ill equipped to deal with the threat immediately, the population of the Hamlet began dropping exponentially. Not even a panicked redirection of the river into the lower levels was enough to staunch the influx of demons, only enough to slow them long enough for the major walkways to be collapsed to buy some precious time.

Links: Bronzemurder / Ashmalice