Monte Cook: Writers in Movies

"In movies with college students about to graduate but unsure if they want to join the workforce, or movies with people unhappy with their lives or their jobs, characters state they want to become writers as though it’s some kind of luxurious non-job. An escape. A back door out of an otherwise humdrum life. That might be all well and good, I suppose, but writing’s hard work. It’s long hours and not great pay. It requires passion, not resignation. It’s not something that’s out there for everyone who doesn’t know what to do with their life. Ask a successful writer how he or she got into writing and it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll say, "well, I was graduating from school and didn’t know what else I wanted to do, so I figured, ‘eh, I guess I’ll write.’" or, "well, I was a high-paid lawyer but I got tired of the pressure, and writing sounded like an easy way out."

—Monte Cook, Writers in Movies.