Happy GM’s Day 2010!

March 4th is worldwide GM’s day, when we celebrate the tireless efforts of our Dungeon Masters and game referees. To encourage players to buy gifts for their Dungeon Masters, several retailers are offering discounts of interest to both players and DMs.

PDF retailer RPG Now is offering 25% off a range of products until Sunday 8th March (one “fourth” off, get it?)

Monte Cook’s third edition publisher Malhavoc Press is also offering 25% off all PDF products for the same duration. Book of Experimental Might and Book of Experimental Might II are on offer for $6.75 each, the colossal 808-page Ptolus campaign setting for $45, and 4E designer Mike Mearls’ Book of Iron Might for $5.25.

Finally, Monte Cook’s third edition Dungeon a Day is offering a year’s membership for $84 for the rest of March. They’re also offering free months for introducing friends.