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I’m linking a few interesting posts today from Twitter.

The first game, from Daddy Dungeon Master, describes a simplified D&D game that the author ran for his young son. The rules are based on RPG Kids, from A system for playing D&D with my kid by Newbie DM.

The Simple Way to Run a Story Game, from Dungeon Mastering, advises on how to run a game that’s more than just combat.

Did the DMG2 give back Spell Research to 4E?, a forum thread at EN World, on how 3E “Tome and Blood” style spell research might work in fourth edition using an existing DMG2 mechanic.

PH series 3 definitly cancelled…DDM going back to blind? from forum DDM Spoilers, shares the news that Wizards has cancelled the release of the Player’s Handbook Heroes Series 3 miniatures. Players who want an official mini for their psion will now have to make do with a wizard figure (or, if you’re like me, whatever dwarf/orc/d4/coin/9v battery is going spare). Wizards of the Coast’s site has galleries for Series 1 and Series 2.

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Mad MAx Jr (January 19th, 2010)

Daddy Dungeon Master was an interesting read, thanks for pointing that one out.

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