4E Gridless Combat

Fourth edition blog At Will has an article up titled Fluid 4E: Gridless Combat. I considered D&D without a grid last year, but didn’t give it much thought. Quinn Murphy has given it some serious thought in Gridless Combat.

At Will has some other interesting articles, while we’re here.

Off the Grid: Using your powers in roleplaying situations discusses injecting some of the in-character meaning back into fourth edition, and I strongly approve of this. “Make your players explain how the power fits,” suggests the article. “Sometimes just the name of the power alone will fit the situation, but allow your players flexibility. As long as they explain how that power represents the character’s approach and mindset, everything is going well.” It also advises, “Give them a bonus. Don’t give anything for at-wills, or your ranger is going to constantly be “twin-striking” in conversation.”

There are also several series of practical 4E articles, including How to Design a Skill Challenge (6 parts) and How To Make Skill Challenges Fun (4 parts), so go check those out.

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Mike Karkabe-Olson (December 18th, 2009)

Yes, I’ve seen that site and, like you, find much of their material very useful and intriguing; I have also found the skill challenge series especially useful.

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