D&D Ancient History, Part II

This is the second part of Friday’s post, Age Before Ages: D&D Ancient History.

Age of Primal Forces

The multiverse was created by the Sleeping Ones, so called by the kuo-toa because they promptly left for a billion year nap. The elemental planes formed - Fire, Air, Earth, Water. According to some, the planes form four sides of a cube, with Positive and Negative at the top and bottom and quasi-planes at the edges where two planes meet.

Primal concepts like law and order warred over this creation for millions of years before spawning the first immortal creatures, living embodiments of primal forces. Evil created the baernaloths, chaos the obyriths, and law created the Twin Serpents Ahriman and Jazirian, of whom Ahriman fell from grace to become Asmodeus, the first devil.

Several other ancient entities are thought to have existed in this era. The Ancient Brethren are a group who may include the Lady of Pain, who rules the city of Sigil at the centre of the multiverse and may be a primordial agent of Law, and the Serpent, an entity who is the embodiment of magic and it is claimed spoke directly to the archlich Vecna. The draedens are terrifying, massive descendants the Sleeping Ones, one of whom slept while the Abyss formed around him.

Age of Gods

Another ancient entity, called by some the powers of creation, sacrificed itself to bring the first gods into being and give order and meaning to the multiverse. The prime material plane was created out of the substance of the elemental planes. The outer planes came into being, and the gods claimed them as their domain, although some say the Outer Planes were first conquered by the Wind Dukes and the forces of Chaos, and the gods didn’t take the Outer Planes until after the fall of these two planar empires.

After such an act of creation, the being that created the gods became a force of destruction as if to maintain the balance. Known as Atropos, it is a decaying, disembodied head as large as a small moon, floating through the cosmos and populated by countless undead and bringing destruction to the worlds it visits.

The gods entered the fight to contest the form of the multiverse, but came into conflict with the primordials already there and began to suffer losses. At least one deity was slain outright, and the gods had insufficient power to stand against the primeval forces of the cosmos.