Age Before Ages: D&D Ancient History

Greyhawk Wiki at Canonfire is a repository of information on the Greyhawk setting, and by extension, on D&D tradition and canon. I’d like to showcase a particularly interesting group of articles detailing the D&D world’s pre-history, the Age before Ages.

Sages divide history into five eras. In the first Age, the multiverse came into being and beings of law and chaos, good and evil warred for millions of years. In the second Age, the Material Plane was formed and the first gods came into being.

In the third Age, the aquatic aboleth race was created by divine accident, who went on to master magic and create many creatures including the first humanoids. This Age culminated in a massive battle between Law and Chaos, crippling the ancient powers. These three eras together are called the Age before Ages.

In the following Age, humans and other species became numerous and human civilization began. This is the current era, and is predicted to end one day with the Age of Worms, where all life will be destroyed.

Over the next week or so I’m going to go into a little more detail on each of these and fill in the gaps. Look out for the next part on Monday.

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mortellan (November 13th, 2009)

Good topic JD. I’ve done humor on the Ages of Ages many times but I didn’t know the Greywiki had such an extensive compilation of sources on that Age. Cool.

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