EN World Needs Your Help!

Veteran D&D news website EN World needs your help. EN World has served as the top D&D news site since the beginnings of D&D third edition, supplying regular daily news and one of the web’s largest RPG discussion forums. With popularity comes rising costs, and times are hard for the website.

EN World is offering several services to support the site:

  • Community supporter accounts: Community supporter accounts offer users free game products each month, a search function, remove ads, more private messages, a custom user title and avatar. The price is $3 per month.
  • EN World PDF Store: Sells PDFs via RPG Now.
  • Advertising: Large advertisements on EN World. Price ranges from 37c to $1 CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions)

Note: I’m not being paid to advertise EN World, just hoping to support a long-time dedicated provider of D&D news and discussion. If you haven’t used this site yet, feel free to check out EN World News and the EN World Forum.