Survey Results Are In

The results of last week’s survey are in. Here are the results.

1. Which edition do you play?

It’s almost even: 55% of readers play 4E, while 60% play 3E (there’s some overlap, of course). 28% play Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG, 27% play another D20 based RPG, and 19% play AD&D or another edition.

37% play some RPG other than D&D. Over fifty RPGs were mentioned. The most popular are Savage Worlds (6%), GURPS (4%) and Shadowrun (4%), with honourable mentions to Legend of the Five Rings and the World of Darkness games.

2. How often do you visit?

31% of readers visit multiple times per week, and 15% say they visit weekly or so. 14% visit less often. Surprisingly, 40% of D20 Source readers only read the RSS feed.

3. Favourite types of content?

Dungeon mastering advice is by far the most popular topic, with 70% of you asking for more DMing articles. Only 1% wanted less on this topic. Second is player advice, with 55% in favour of more and only 5% wanting to see less. On fluff/inspiration, opinion articles, and product reviews, about 50% are happy with the current amount while around a third would like to see more.

4. Which edition for new content?

Around half of users were happy with the amount of content appearing for third edition, edition-netural, and other RPGs. The exception is D&D fourth edition, which as expected is heavily polarized: about one third wants to see more 4E, while around one third wants less.

Edition-neutral content is popular with the most readers, with only 3% asking to see less of it.

5. Miniatures

Surprisingly, the vast majority of D20 Source readers use some sort of minis or equivalent in their game.

60% use official D&D miniatures, while 61% (some overlap here of course) use other miniatures. 46% employ various objects (including dice, coins or pieces from board games), and 38% create paper or card tokens. 13% use a computer software solution like Gametable. Only 17% game with no miniatures at all.

6. PDF sales

On an idea, I asked readers if they’d be interested in a D20 Source line of PDF-based RPG products. 73% of you answered yes to one or more product types. The most popular suggestion was 4th edition adventure modules with 52%, followed by 3rd edition adventure modules at 43%.

7. Update frequency

Most of you responded that you were happy with the current update schedule of three articles per week: 75%. Only 6% think that’s too much, while 19% would like to see a new article every day.

8. Overall rating

The average rating was four stars out of five, with 72%. 17% voted five stars, and 10% three stars. No readers voted one or two stars.

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll use this information to (hopefully) improve the quality of D20 Source.