Twitter For the Discerning Gentleman Player

A short post today in honour of Twitter, the web service that lets you read and post messages with a 140-letter limit.

Why use Twitter?

Twitter’s advantage over blogs is that posts are short and concise, so they’re quick and easy both to read and write. You can use the tag #dnd to make it easy.

I use Twitter to leave short summaries of my weekly D&D game. People rarely want to read a ten-page description of someone else playing D&D, but they’ll happily read a 140-character synopsis. Likewise, you can use Twitter to leave gaming advice, perhaps after learning from a mistake or a success during a game.

Things to read

Twitter’s advantage is posts are short enough so you can easily read a hundred or more in one sitting. Your first stop is the Twitter tag #dnd, for a copious amount of Dungeons & Dragons talk each day. Fourth edition players should #4E for edition-specific posts.

Second for 4E players is @SlyFlourish, a daily advice feed.

Several RPG writers and publishers are on Twitter, some exclusively so. We have @monkeyking (Wolfgang Baur), @KoboldQuarterly (Wolfgang Baur’s Kobold Quarterly), @brucecordell, @mikemearls, and writer/entrepreneur @ephealy. Twitter is also home to @rsdancey, former D&D brand manager who’s seriously knowledgeable about the RPG industry.

Other bloggers, sites and projects also have Twitter feeds, either to link their updates or supplement their content. We have @grandoglwiki (a very dedicated project to collect D&D 3E OGL material, @shamusyoung of blog Twenty Sided, @ChattyDM, @stupidranger, @gamecryer, @criticalhits, @JohnnFour (of Roleplaying Tips), @martinralya, @rpgobjects, @DaveTheGame, @newbiedm, and gamer @wilw (Wil Wheaton). I’m on there too as @jonathandrain.

I can’t have covered every D&D feed on Twitter, so leave a comment on thist post if you have any suggestions.

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Stuart (July 6th, 2009)

Be sure to check out the hashtags #dnd and #rpg to find some more people on Twitter. :)

Kristian (July 16th, 2009)

I’ve heard really great things about this new blog called The Dice of Life. @TheDiceOfLife ;)

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