Other Blogs Round-up: May 2009

I’ve neglected my weekly summaries of the D&D blogosphere lately. As popular as they were, it was just too time-consuming to do on a regular weekly basis. I’d still like to link to the blogs I read, so here’s a round-up.

6d6Fireball writes The Times are-a-Changing. Perhaps the most interesting is that they’re running a D&D 3.5 Adventure Writing Competition, open to non-professionals.

Critical Hits introduces a 4E house rule for Arcane Power, reviews RPG Omnifray and Monster Manual 2 in two parts, discusses Star Trek and considers it an RPG adaption, and links videos of Star Trek and a forty-minutes fan-made Lord of the Rings prequel.

Heavy-hitter Dungeon Mastering discusses D&D psionics, advises handling problem players, announces a job posting for a PHP developer, and discusses building scenes and stories. They argue two ancient debates: the edition debate, and roleplayers versus powergamers.

Oldschool videogamer Zeus (formerly of RPGamer’s Ask Thor) keeps up his blog and the hilarious Videogame Lookalikes, which asserts that David Bowie is in every game. He also announces Level Up, a videogame RPG podcast.

Jeff Rients of Jeff’s Gameblog discusses saving throws in old AD&D, in between pictures of William Shatner.

Mike Mearls’ Keep on the Gaming Lands updates once this month with pictures of his Dwarven Forge tiles, but supplies frequent updates on his Twitter page.

Kobold Quarterly interviews Sean K. Reynolds on Pathfinder RPG and the secret of Paizo’s success, announces the release of Kobold Ecologies, presents “Behind the Spells” articles on Explosive Runes and Drawmij’s Instant Summons, has Skip Williams offer sage advice on size in D&D, gaze attacks and grappling, and presents new monsters: the Frostfang Yeti (4E), Ychen Bannog, Great Beasts of Burden (3E), Dancing Tableware (3E), the Crag Drake (4E), and a comical "Dead" template.

Musings of the Chatty DM announces the list of entrants to their One Page Dungeon contest, offers advice on dealing with “insitgator” type problem players, reviews How To Host a Dungeon, attempts to define Gygaxian naturalism,

RoleplayingPro asks how versatile your gaming group is, thinks of RPGs they should make into movies, and ponders on how technology will affect the future of roleplaying.

Roleplaying Tips updates as usual with Issue 445: 4 Tips For Post Apocalypse Game Masters, Issue 446: Build Your Own Starship, Issue 447: How To Create Factions - 3 New Tips Plus: 44 Awesome Ready-To-Use NPC Hooks, and Issue 448: 8 Tactics for Mooks.

Stupid Ranger asks about legendary item creation, finding legendary items, and reviews Arcane Power’s material for bards.

The Alexandrian gives his opinion on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and WotC’s Dungeon Delve, and presents some OGL third edition rules.

If you’ve got any blogs you’d like to be added to the list, feel free to leave a comment and make a suggestion.