D20 Source Hits 300 Posts!

Wordpress informs me that this blog has passed 300 posts! This works out to an average of around eight articles per month since posting began in December 2005.

As a sort of recap, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten articles since the site began, rated by number of page views. When the first on this list was linked from popular webcomic Penny Arcade, the surge of visitors collapsed the server for most of the day.

1. Deep Crow
Dungeons & Dragons third edition statistics for the Deep Crow, a fearsome magical beast from Penny Arcade.

2. Ioun Stone Complete Guide
A massive list of eighty-nine Ioun Stones from D&D history right through to fourth edition.

3. Playing the Rogue
A guide to making an effective rogue in D&D third edition.

4. Vow of Poverty
A guide to taking the infamous Vow of Poverty feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds.

5. Top Five Fighter Feats
An opinion on D&D third edition’s best Fighter bonus feat options.

6. Stalagmen
Another monster from Penny Arcade.

7. FATAL - Most Misogynistic RPG Ever?
A link to a review of what many reviewers consider to be the most offensive roleplaying game ever devised.

8. How Much Is a Gold Piece Worth?
An article calculating the value of one gold piece in modern world, using the prices of gold and beer as a guide.

9. Vow of Poverty, Revisited
A follow-up to an earlier article on Vow of Poverty.

10. How Do You Roll Characters?
An article on methods of rolling for ability scores.

Here’s to the next three hundred! Leave me a comment with any suggestions you have for future articles - what would you like to see in 2009?