Dice Contest Winners Announced

December’s dice contest received twenty-four entries, and picking winners was especially tough. First and second place each win a set of dice from Game Master Dice.

First Place

Winner of first place is Trask, with his anecdote about Jack the Barbarian. Trask’s tale of incredible ineptitude is something most players can relate to. I think we’ve all gamed with a “Jack” at one point or another, or perhaps been Jack ourselves.

Second Place

Second place goes to Patriarch917, with his short and hilarious tale:

The player was looking through a portal into a room that contained a demon. The demon entreated the player to join him in his war against humanity, offering power, treasure, etc. The player, trying to buy a little time, mumbled “I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it. How’s your dental plan?â€? The demon, without missing a beat, replied “Excellent. All the teeth you want.”


Unfortunately there are only two prizes available, but if I had more, they’d go to these witty gamers:

  • Kayumi’s epic tale of the most horrible DM of 2008
  • Samuel Van Der Wall, with his ledge-battling vampire story
  • Berman’s heavy dwarf forsaker

Worst Pun Award

A special award goes to Bog97th for the “Deck of Many Things” story, for the most groanworthy pun of the contest. It may take you a while to get it.

Thanks to all who entered, and thank you for continuing to read D20 Source!

Comments (3)

Samuel Van Der Wall (January 10th, 2009)

Fun contest! It is cool to read humorous highlights from other campaigns. It’s funny how some stories have parallel stories in my own campaigns. Where as, others are so off the wall (to me) that I couldn’t even think of some of that stuff.

benpop (January 12th, 2009)

I still don’t get the pun. I’m sorry.

The anecdotes were fun to read. Maybe I should have submitted some of mine. Ah, c’est la vie.

Zaratustra (January 12th, 2009)

he’s been de-feeted get it

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