Happy New Year 2009!

Merry Needfest to D20 Source readers!

I’ve been going over the statistics for this site, and 2008 has seen a fantastic rise in popularity. Unique visitors are up 155% from 49,615 in 2007 to 126,796 in 2008. The number of feed subscribers has risen from under 150 to around 600.

There’s still time to enter the D20 Source gaming anecdotes contest, which closes on Tuesday 6th. The contest is open to all stories from the gaming table, and you may enter more than once, but remember that it’s quality over quantity.

Thank you for more than doubling D20 Source’s readership during 2008, a feat which I hope we can repeat in 2009. We return in a week’s time with the regular content - special thanks if you’ve got any ideas for future articles, which you can e-mail in or leave as a comment.