Ioun Stone Complete Guide

In researching an article for Kobold Quarterly #6 I discovered that there are a lot more ioun stones in D&D history than the sixteen appearing in the third edition Dungeon Master’s Guide or the single lonely example in D&D 4th edition’s list. Of particular interest is an article in Dragon magazine #174 which describes the ioun stones’ origin on the positive energy plane, and Larloch’s entry in Lords of Darkness defining several new stones.

I’ve compiled a list of every ioun stone I can find, dating from AD&D right up to the 4th edition Adventurer’s Vault. There are a whopping 154 stones on this list, including sixteen of my own invention and the rest from canon D&D sources. With a little work you should be able to make reasonable conversions for whichever edition of the game you choose to play.

  • Amber sphere: “of Divine Knowledge”; Acts as holy symbol, grants insight into an opponent, grants bonus to Insight, Religion and Intelligence checks (4E, Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Amber spindle: +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws, stacks up to +5 (Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords #6: Spires of Xin-Shalast)
  • Anhedral: +1 to AC, as bless spell (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Any: “Singing Ioun Stone”, disguised as any other ioun stone, cursed to fill user’s mind with music and disrupt concentration (4E, Dragon Magazine #311)
  • Balian’s yellow: +1 to a random ability score each day (AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Black and white ellipsoid: Provides mind blank effect against scrying (3E, Dragon magazine #319)
  • Black pyritohedron: Energy drain from creature or magic item; unique ioun stone (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174)
  • Black spindle: Darkvision and see through mist (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Black star: Absorbs 62HP of fire damage (AD&D, Dragon Annual #2)
  • Blood red orthorhomboid: Transmutes 10ft of minerals into energy; unique ioun stone (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174)
  • Blue green spindle: Bestows airy water in a 10’ radius sphere at will (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Brass lozenge: Gain 2d4+2 HP once per day on command, 2d10 charges (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Bright silver cylinder: User and 200lbs. of possessions can go ethereal for one hour, 2d10 charges (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II), as cloak of etherealness, double duration (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Bright white rectangle: +1 to saves vs acid (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Brilliant green bipyramidal: Infuses target with energy, dealing damage and heating metal; unique ioun stone (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174)
  • Brown rhomboid: User and 200lbs. of possessions can assume gaseous form for one hour, 2d10 charges (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Brown sphere: Discerns the direction of north (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Cephaloid: Obscure alignment within 20 feet (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Cerulean blue rhomboid: Bestows free action on user, as per the magical ring (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II), as cloak of etherealness (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Clear crystal: “of Adaption”; Sustains creature without food or water, resist environmental temperatures, stop ongoing damage (4E, Manual of the Planes)
  • Clear interconnected spheres: User becomes insubstantial; unique ioun stone (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174)
  • Clear pink sphere: “Spirit storage”; if user is killed in combat, his spirit is transferred to the ioun stone and can be restored with a restoration spell (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Clear prism: Store 2d6 spell levels (AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Clear sphere: Grants 5% magic resistance (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Clear spindle: Sustains creature without food or water (3E, DMG)
  • Clear teardrop: Use detect undead at will (Ghostwalk Campaign Setting)
  • Copper rectangle: Allows user to read magic at will (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Crimson sphere: +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence, stacks up to +6 (Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords #6: Spires of Xin-Shalast)
  • Cube: +1 to Dexterity (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Cylinder: +1 to saving throws vs acid (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Dark blue rhomboid: “of True Sight”; darkvision, +6 to Perception and Insight, 1/day see invisible (4E PHB)
  • Dark blue rhomboid: Alertness (as the feat) (3E, DMG)
  • Dark green ellipsoid: +5 luck bonus to AC (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Dark orange dodecahedron: Spell resistance 21 (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Dark purple pyramid: as ring of wizardry IV (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Dark purple triangle: as ring of wizardry III (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Dark red cube: as medallion of thoughts (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Decahedron: Sustain user without water (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Decipton: Shed continual light on command (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Deep black sphere: See in magical darkness, 30’ range (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Deep purple prism: Grants 60’ infravision or doubles existing infravision range (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Deep red sphere: +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity (3E, DMG)
  • Deep red sphere: Add +1 to Strength (AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Dendroid: Adds one level of ability, not cumulative (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Dodecahedron: +1 to Constitution (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Dull gray: Provides 1 power point. then disintegrates (3E, Expanded Psionics Handbook)
  • Dull orange rhomboid: as brooch of shielding (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Dusty rose prism, Larloch’s: +5 deflection bonus to AC (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Dusty rose prism: +1 insight bonus to AC (3E, DMG)
  • Echinid: User can detect magic (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Ellipsoid: +1 to saving throws vs poison gas (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Emerald ellipsoid: 5 bonus hit points, multiple stones stack (Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords #6: Spires of Xin-Shalast)
  • Enneid: +1 to Charisma (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Euhedral: Has the power of two ioun stones (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Flaming yellow prism: “Heart of fire”, +2 caster level for fire spells, +6 bonus to Knowledge (the planes) and Knowledge (arcana), 1/day cast Quench or empower a fire spell (3E, 17 Relics)
  • Flawed clear spindle: Cursed clear spindle (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Flickering white snowflake: +1 to saves vs cold (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Frosty white octahedron: Contains 1-4 wishes; unique ioun stone (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174)
  • Glowing rose prism: +5 insight bonus to AC (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Gold ellipsoid: User and 200lbs. of possessions can go astral for one hour, 2d10 charges (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Golden ellpisoid: Intelligent stone, provides extra attacks (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Golden sphere: Distracts viewers from your disguise (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Green sphere: +1 to saving throws vs gas attacks (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Hectoid: +1 to Strength (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Helicid: User can turn gaseous for one hour (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Heptahedron: +1 to saving throws vs electricity (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Heptid: Brings dying creature back to one hit point; stone turns to dust when used (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Hexagonoid: Hums softly when poison is within 20 feet (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Incandescent blue sphere, Larloch’s: +6 bonus to Wisdom (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Incandescent blue sphere: +1 level to spell ability (AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Incandescent blue sphere: +2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom (3E, DMG)
  • Indigo blue trapezohedron: Emits fossilization pulse affecting living beings within 30 feet; unique ioun stone (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174)
  • Ioun Eye: Grants 360 degree vision (AD&D, Dragon magazine #267)
  • Ioun’s Flame: Bonus to Will and knowledge checks, shed light (4E, Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Iridescent spindle: Sustains creature without air (3E, DMG)
  • Jet black unspecified: Low-light vision, light sources reduced by half, improve critical range on one target, use stone as spying device, can’t knock opponents unconscious (4E, Open Grave)
  • Lavender and green ellipsoid: Absorbs spells of 8th level or lower (3E, DMG)
  • Light blue prism: User can understand all spoken languages (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Lime green prism: Ignore the effects of heat and ice (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Lozenge: +1 to saving throws vs charm spells (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Marble sphere: Protects other ioun stones from damage (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Maroon star: User can only be harmed by magical weapons and spells (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Monoclinoid: Disables infravision within 20 feet (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Mottled gray sphere: as ring of counterspells (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Nephroid: Grants 5% magic resistance (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Ochre spindle: Grants 360 degree vision (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Octahedron: Protects owner with continual mind blank spell (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Onyx rhomboid: +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution, stacks up to +6 (Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords #6: Spires of Xin-Shalast)
  • Orange cube: Grants resistance to mind-affecting spells as if user had a Wisdom of 20 (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Orange prism: +1 caster level (3E, DMG)
  • Orthorhomboid: +1 to Intelligence (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Ovoid: Allows water walking for one hour per day (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Pale aquamarine prism: “of Steadfastness”; fear immunity (4E, Adventurer’s Vault)
  • Pale blue rhomboid: +2 enhancement bonus to Strength (3E, DMG)
  • Pale green lozenge: Bestows nondetection (AD&D, Dragon Annual #2)
  • Pale green prism, Larloch’s: +5 competence bonus on attack rolls, saves and checks (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Pale green prism: +1 competence bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks and ability checks (3E, DMG)
  • Pale lavender ellipsoid: Absorbs spells of 4th level of lower (3E, DMG)
  • Pale turquoise: Double carrying capacity (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Pale white sphere: Recall three 9th-level spells, as pearl of power (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Pale yellow prism: Glows like a sunrod (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Pearlized brown ellipsoid: as boots of speed, free action to activate (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Pearly black spindle: Undead regenerate 1hp/hour (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Pearly white prism: Repairs 1 point of damage per turn (AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Pearly white spindle: Regenerate 1 point of damage per hour (3E, DMG)
  • Pebble: Use invisibility to undead once per day (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Peg: Provides a bonus ot 10 arcs, wings or songs to spellcaster (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Pentahedron: Free action once per day for one hour (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Pink and green ellipsoid: Absorb spells of up to 4th level (AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Pink and green sphere: +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma (3E, DMG)
  • Pink ellipsoid: Adds +1 to Constitution (AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Pink rhomboid: +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution (3E, DMG)
  • Prism: User can see in magical darkness (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Puce cube: Bestows ESP at will; user can scan surface thoughts of one person per round within range of 30’ (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Pulsing red star: +1 to saves vs fire (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Pure white octahedron: +1 bonus to Charisma vs beings of the same race (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Pyramid: Regenerate one hit point every four hours (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Rainbow crystal: Provide 5 power points (3E, Expanded Psionics Handbook)
  • Rainbow ellipsoid: User can levitate at will (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Rainbow spindle: User and 200lbs. of possessions can polymorph self for one hour, 2d10 charges (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Rectangle: +1 to saving throws vs poison (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Red ellipsoid: “of Regeneration”; regeneration 10 while bloodied 1/day (4E, Adventurer’s Vault)
  • Red sphere: Bestows protection from fire (AD&D, Dragon Annual #2)
  • Rhomboid: Absorb 10 points of damage; turns to dust when used (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Rich green star: as +5 stone of good luck (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Rod: User can comprehend language as the spell (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Round: Continual Read Magic (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Scarlet and blue sphere, Larloch’s: +6 bonus to Intelligence (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Scarlet and blue sphere: +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence (3E, DMG/AD&D, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Septahedron: Strength spell once per day for one hour (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Sexahedron: User can teleport; stone turns to dust when used (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Shining black spiral: as helm of teleportation (3E, Lords of Darkness)
  • Silver ellipsoid: +5 to saves vs Necromancy (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Silver rod: +1 to saves vs electricity (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Silver sphere: Negates rear-attack bonuses (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Silvery mirror cube: +1 bonus to saves vs petrification gaze attacks (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Sky blue sphere: Delay elemental damage (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Slate blue prism: Bonus smite attempt, turn attempt or 2nd level divine spell (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Soft black rectangle: Protection against level-draining attacks, 2d10 charges (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Sphere: +1 to saving throws vs petrification (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Spindle: Use invisibility to animals once per day (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Star: Use light once per day (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Stelloid: Sustain user without food (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Tan ellipsoid: Identify spells and magic (3E, Kobold Quarterly #6)
  • Tetrapton: +1 to saving throws vs cold (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Tile: Projcets antimagic shell around user; stone turns to dust when used (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Tredyhedron: +1 to Wisdom (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Triclinid: +1 to saving throws vs fire (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Tubule: Grants infravision with a range of 60 feet (AD&D, Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana)
  • Unspecified rhomboid: “of Sustenance”; require no food, water or air, and require half normal rest (4E, Adventurer’s Vault)
  • Vibrant purple prism: Stores three levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing, minor (3E, DMG)
  • White and pink rhomboid: “of Perfect Language”; understand all spoken languages, +5 to Charisma-based skills (4E, Adventurer’s Vault)
  • Yellow sphere: Sheds continual light on command (AD&D, Dragon magazine #174/Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II)
  • Yellow spindle: +1 on saves vs petrification (AD&D, Dragon Annual #2)

Sources: Dungeon Master’s Guide v3.5, Dragon magazines #174, #267, #319 and #331, Player’s Handbook 4E, Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II, 17 Relics (The Le Press), Lords of Darkness, Kobold Quarterly #6, Expanded Psionics Handbook, Adventurer’s Vault, Ghostwalk Campaign Setting, Open Grave, Pathfinder: Spires of Xin-Shalast, Dragon Annual #2, and Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana). Leave a comment and let me know if you find any other ioun stones.

Other publications

Ioun stones also appear in the following, which I haven’t seen yet:

  • Seekers of Secrets: A Guide to the Pathfinder Society (Paizo Publishing)
  • The True Arcane Story: Ioun Stones (Louis Porter, Jr. Design)
  • Spells & Spellcraft (Fantasy Flight Games)


  • 15 June 2009: Added clear teardrop (Ghostwalk), jet black ioun stone (Open Grave), unspecified rhombus (Adventurer’s Vault), crimson sphere, emerald ellipsoid, onyx rhomboid, amber spindle (Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords #6: Spires of Xin-Shalast).
  • 05 October 2009: Added clear crystal (4E Manual of the Planes), Ioun’s Flame (4E Adventurer’s Vault 2). Removed duplicate entry for “Rhomboid” (see “unspecified rhomboid”.
  • 13th December 2009: Added amber sphere (Adventurer’s Vault 2), black and white ellipsoid (Dragon magazine #319). Added list of other publications.
  • 10th February 2010: Added red sphere, pale green lozenge, black star, and yellow spindle (Dragon Annual #2). (Thanks Matthew Hargenrader!)
  • 26 February 2010: Added ioun eye (Dragon magazine #267). Thanks again to Mathew Hargenrader.
  • 10th March 2010: Added singing ioun stone (Dragon magazine #331). Thanks again to Mathew Hargenrader.
  • 13th May 2010: Added anhedral, cephaloid, cube, cylinder, decahedron, decipton, dendroid, dodecahedron, echinid, ellipsoid, enneid, euhedral, hectoid, helicid, heptahedron, heptid, hexagonoid, lozenge, monoclinoid, nephroid, octahedron, orthorhomboid, ovoid, pebble, peg, pentahedron, prism, pyramid, rectangle, rhomboid, rod, round, septahedron, sexahedron, sphere, spindle, star, stelloid, tetrapton, tile, tredyhedron, triclinid, and tubule ioun stones (Netheril: Encyclopedia Arcana). Thanks to Dale.
  • 24th May 2010: Added indigo blue trapezohedron, frosty white octahedron, blood red orthorhomboid, black pyritohedron, brilliant green bipyramidal, and clear interconnected spheres ioun stones (Dragon magazine #174). Somehow I missed these the first time around.

Comments (30)

Robert H. Nichols (September 20th, 2008)

You have no idea how often i have thought about sitting down and doing this exact thing. Never did it though, and now, i don’t have to! Thanks!

Asmor (September 20th, 2008)

There’s a fair number of them in the Adventurer’s Vault.

No idea where you’d find a list of them, though…

Asmor (September 20th, 2008)

There should have been a link in that last comment…

freyar (September 20th, 2008)

This is excellent, though a bit long to read here! Any chance you could do up a pdf and put a link to it in the post?

Syrsuro (September 22nd, 2008)

I know longer own a copy, but I seem to recall that there were a number of Ioun stones in the Arduin Grimoire (David Hargrave) books. Anyone still have an old copy they could check?


Zaratustra (September 24th, 2008)

Pulsating red ellipsoid - When you use a projectile spell, the stone casts a 1st-level version of the spell on the same target.

Jonathan Drain (September 26th, 2008)

Zara: I also liked the grey cube:

Grey cube - will never try to kill you, and in fact cannot speak

J (November 3rd, 2008)

Thanks for the list, I had no clue what an ioun stone was. Cool stuff.

Apprentice “Master, what are those things?”
Wizard “They are ioun stones.”
Apprentice “What do they do?”
Wizard “Well that one tracks I.O.U.s for me…”

Edwin A. Pell IV (October 4th, 2009)

I was wondering if you could explain something about the origins of this magical item. My understanding is that IOUN stones are an import from the fiction of Jack Vance, much like the magic system used in earlier editions of the game. In the stories I’ve read IOUN stones seem to be something like a physical representation of a wizard’s arcane prowess. I guess I’m curious about how the present incarnation came about.

Matthew Hargenrader (November 10th, 2009)

I wrote the article on IOUN stones in Dragon Magazine #174 years ago. The IOUN stones are from The Dying Earth stories by Jack Vance…and the wizards in these stories would kill their own mothers to get their hands on any IOUN stone they could find.
I have a list of about 160-200 different IOUN stones that have appeared in my Ad&d campaign over the last 20 years(includes a lot of my own and any that I find in other articles). Still playing the original Ad&d first edition. Jonathan Drains article was great to read…maybe someday I will get off my lazy butt and submit an article.
I would love to see a copy of the IOUN stones from Arduin Grimoire…have never been able to find a copy.

Forgottenprince (December 13th, 2009)

Few others you might not have seen.

1. Dragon Magazine 319, p. 54, Black & White Ellipsoid, mind blank effect for scrying only.

2. Variety of new Ioun Stones in Paizo’s Seekers of Secrets: A Guide to the Pathfinder Society, p. 43 & 57.

3. Louis Porter, Jr’s Design Studio’s The True Arcane Story: Ioun Stones.

4. Fantasy Flight Games Spells & Spellcraft, p. 171.

Jonathan Drain (December 13th, 2009)

Forgottenprince: Thanks! I’ve added the first one to the list, and will add the others when I can find a copy of those books.

Matthew Hargenrader (January 7th, 2010)

Pelgrane Press: PEL001 - The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game , has some very useful info on IOUN stones in it (best part is that this book is approved by Jack Vance himself, and contains lots of great information on otrher subjects). Pages 114-115 in particular are of great gaming interest.Especially the statement in the paragraph about Arch-Mages and how IOUN stones stop the aging process…added a stone that does that function to my list already. There are a few other references scattered through the rest of the book.
Finally compiling all of my IOUN stones from all of the notes and lists I’ve found… right about 210 stones of varying effects. (but not all of them “official” by any means. Most are strictly from my 1st edition AD&D campaign).

Matthew Hargenrader (February 9th, 2010)

Every so oftern I page trough Dragon, and Dungeon Magazines, looking for ideas. In the Dragon Annual #2 (1997) I found four IOUN stones I have never seen before. Page 68, in the bonus Dungeon module Dragonwyr, by Christopher Perkins, center column as part of a green dragons magical items:

Red Sphere-(bestows protection from fire, as the third level priest spell).

Pale Green Lozenge- (affords nondetection, as the third level wizard spell).

Black Star- (absorbs 62 Hit Points of electrical damage)

Yellow Spindle- (+1 on saves versus all forms of petrification).

Now I have to add them to my list…

Jonathan Drain (February 10th, 2010)

Thanks, Matthew! I’ve added these to the list.

Matthew Hargenrader (February 10th, 2010)

No problem Jonathan. I am still going through the issues, and if I come across any more I will post it here for you. Any time you want to take a look at my list, let me know. Most of them are just in my campaign, and not official by any means, but they are interesting. Almost done compiling them all and it looks like I have about 210 from various official, unofficial and my own campaign.

Matthew Hargenrader (February 26th, 2010)

Jonathan, Still paging through Dragons, and I think I found another stone: Dragon Magazine #267, page 71, center column. IOUN Eye. IOUN stone that looks like a crystal eye. Grants user 360 degree vision.Didn’t see it on your list so take a look. Doesn’t specify a color..

Jonathan Drain (February 26th, 2010)

Thanks, Matthew, I’ve added it to the list. Feel free to send me your list of ioun stones (e-mail address is on the about page.

Matt Hargenrader (March 10th, 2010)

Didn’t see this on the list, so here’s another one…
If you have, or can get your hands on Dragon Magazine #331, article by Timothy T. Murphy, page 66 there is a magic item called the Singing IOUN Stone. It is a particularly nasty cursed stone.No color given but worth including. I have put it in my list, and have given it a “shape changing, color changing” ability thus making it appealing to whoever looks at it.
Matt Hargenrader

Jonathan Drain (March 10th, 2010)

Matthew: Luckily I have Dragon #331. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

Dale (April 6th, 2010)

The 2nd ed Netheril Boxset has a 2 page spread on ioun stones including version made by there creator Congenio Ioun

Roland (July 14th, 2010)

You might want to add the IOUN Stones from their first D&D appearance in the Original game — The Strategic Review Issue #4. Gary had only nine: incandescent blue sphere (adds to caster level), scarlet & blue sphere (adds to intelligence), deep red sphere (adds to strength), pink ellipsoid (adds to constitution), pink & green ellipsoid (absorbs 10-40 spell levels up to 4th level), pale green ellipsoid (absorbs 20-80 spell levels 5th to 8th level), pale lavender spindle (sustains w/o food & water), pearly white prism (regeneration) and clear prism (stores 2-12 spell levels).

There is also a writeup of Ioun Stones in The Dying Earth RPG where their powers more closely resemble their appearance in the short story “Morreion.”

There’s also the Ioun Beholder in Sword & Sorcery Studios Creature Collection II — that one’s nasty!

Roland (July 14th, 2010)

Also, I almost forgot — the Singing Ioun Stone should probably be 3E or 3.5.

Jonathan Drain (July 14th, 2010)

I’ve included the Strategic Review ioun stones by their appearance in the later AD&D books.

The ioun stones’ origin in Strategic Review #4 is described in a more recent article, History of the Ioun Stone.

Roland (July 15th, 2010)

Well, perhaps I can contribute the substance of the stones from the Spells & Spellcraft book.

Magical Items (December 8th, 2010)

Here’s one I found from Pathfinder:

Scarlet and Green Cabochon: grants you the Endurance feat (Pathfinder, Pathfinder Chronicles Seekers of Secrets).

Great list Jon!

Matthew Hargenrader (January 11th, 2011)

Found a great source you need to check out…
Product- Pelgrane Press d20 system. PEL009 The Dying Earth: The Primer of Practical Magic.
On pages 78-79 is a list of 80 IOUN stones…quite a few are laready on your list in one form or another…but there are a lot of new ones.

paperfaust (February 19th, 2011)

thanks a lot Jon

Hendry Jacoby (June 18th, 2011)

There is also the Spindle of Perfect Knowledge, a minor artifact and ioun stone from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.

DasMinotaur (January 10th, 2014)

Back in 1990 or so, I had been playing with a DM who pulled a stone from either Dungeon, or Dragon Magazine, I think. It was called a Luxurion (I think that’s spelled right)Stone, and he described it as an Ioun Stone, but it was weird, because it was absorbed into the skin and manifested itself in the forehead, and then another stone would later manifest in first the back of one hand and then the back of another. So that is about all I know of it, and I wanted to know more. Any ideas of what or where I can learn more about it would be appreciated. It’s been a curiosity for more than 20 years.

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