Weave Summons Gauntlet (Relic)

This magic item originally appeared 17 Relics by The Le Press. A relic is a powerful magic item which once formed part of the body or belongings of some great figure. See Seventeen Relics for special rules on relics.

This unusual glove is woven together from the fur of a yeth hound, the quills of a howler, the hair of an angel, quartz from an elder earth elemental, the silk of a fiendish spider, the feathers of a celestial raven and the hide of an ethereal marauder. The Weave Summons Gauntlet was all that remained of Neko-Ali the Summoner when she was disintegrated in a mage-duel.

The wearer of the glove can metaphysically grasp the spirit of an extraplanar creature, reducing the casting time of any summon monster or summon nature’s ally spell to a standard action. Furthermore, when bargaining with a called creature such as in a planar binding or planar ally, the wearer’s control over all extraplanar creatures grants him a +2 morale bonus on the Charisma and Diplomacy checks.

Moderate conjuration; CL 13th; Price 29,000gp