Lucky Underwear (Relic)

This magic item originally appeared 17 Relics by The Le Press. A relic is a powerful magic item which once formed part of the body or belongings of some great figure. See Seventeen Relics for special rules on relics.

Junnobel the Flighty was a traveling dilettante who made an incredible fortune as an adventurer by risking his life against unbeatable odds. When asked what his secret was, he jokingly replied, “I’m always wearing my lucky underpants!â€? That night, thieves replaced his underwear with an identical pair, and the next afternoon he tripped and fell from the top of a tower, dying on impact.

The otherwise mundane pair of underwear, it seemed, was a lucky charm after all. The player of a character wearing a pair of lucky underwear may, once per day, immediately choose to re-roll any die roll she just made. She must re-roll it after seeing the die roll, but before seeing the results - for example, if she rolls a natural 1 to save versus an unknown spell, she must choose whether or not to re-roll it before seeing the spell’s effect.

Moderate enchantment; CL 10th; Price 25,000gp

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Adrian (May 2nd, 2008)

Where do I get a pair ?

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