Junstarien’s Leg (Relic)

This magic item originally appeared 17 Relics by The Le Press. A relic is a powerful magic item which once formed part of the body or belongings of some great figure. See Seventeen Relics for special rules on relics.

Religious archives tell of an ardent warrior named Sir Junstarien, a knight of the Church of Life’s Fire who joined the priesthood after his family was killed by a necromancer with a repertoire of massive skeletons. He channeled his anger into zeal and sought to avenge his family, but his skill with the sword and shield let him down in the battle with the necromancer. Wounded and disarmed, he quickly prayed for divine help and miraculously managed to wrest the thighbone right out of the nearest skeleton. He destroyed the skeletons and their master wielding the thighbone with supernatural efficacy, and kept it as his weapon of choice thereafter.

Junstarien’s Leg is effectively a +2 ghost touch undead-bane greatclub, a weapon forged not by magic but by Junstarien’s sheer faith and determination. The weapon is still imbued with the echoes of his stoic relentlessness, granting the wielder a +2 morale bonus on all saves versus any supernatural, spell-like, extraordinary or natural abilities, or spells, used by an undead. The weapon resonates with positive energy, dealing 2d6 damage per round to any undead who attempt to wield it.

Once per day as a standard action, the wielder may call upon Junstarien’s faith to extend the relic’s power to all allies within thirty feet, granting them the bonus on saves versus undead and temporarily giving all weapons they carry the ghost touch property. This lasts for one round per point of the wielder’s Charisma modifier.

Moderate evocation; CL 14th; Price 50,000gp; Weight 8lbs.