Heart of Fire (Relic)

This magic item originally appeared 17 Relics by The Le Press. A relic is a powerful magic item which once formed part of the body or belongings of some great figure. See Seventeen Relics for special rules on relics.

The mysterious elven fire sorcerer Gil-Lachel was said to be so perfectly in tune with the Elemental Plane of Fire that it was as if he was a creature of pure flame - a fire conjurer like no other. On the night of his death he tore open a rift to a distant outer plane and stepped through, and personally slew over three hundred powerful outsiders before he was consumed by his own fire - nobody knows why, or what the creatures were. The only part of Gil-Lachel that survived was a fragment of his fiery spirit that hid itself inside one of his many Ioun Stones.

The heart of fire is a unique Ioun Stone that appears as a yellow, flaming prism that burns only non-spellcasters who touch it. (It is said that Gil-Lachel’s amazing power and knowledge still burns within the stone.) It increases the effective caster level of all spells with the Fire descriptor by 2, and grants a +6 bonus to Knowledge (the planes) and Knowledge (arcana). The stone can absorb fire just as easily as it can raise it, and once per day the owner can either cast quench as a 10th level druid, or automatically Empower, as per the metamagic feat, any one spell with the Fire descriptor without increasing the spell’s level or casting time.

Strong evocation; CL 19th; Price 79,000gp.

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Juan Navarro (April 17th, 2008)

Man I’m loving these. The water genie relic is already in my campaign, but this’ll make a great addition too.
Hey do you want somebody to illustrate these?

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