Who Wants Free Dice?

Anyone up for some free dice? Kobold Quarterly has an offer until January 10th: subscribe now, get seven free dice, and get one-third off the magazine’s cover price. The next issue is out soon and the list of articles definitely piques my interest, and if it’s anything like the first two issues we can expect it to be the most thoroughly interesting Dungeons & Dragons publication this month.

It’s not often I endorse a publication like this, but Kobold Quarterly comes with my thorough approval. If you’re too stingy to shell out US$36/year for interesting D&D material, there’s a PDF edition for $16/year (but don’t expect to ‘download’ your free dice). Clicky link!

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stripes (December 28th, 2007)

FYI, the pictured 3rd issue isn’t out yet, so don’t panic if you havnt recieve it :-)

t_catt11 (January 11th, 2008)

What? I want my downloadable dice! What a ripoff! Somebody go get my 3-d plastic shape printer.

I demand to be able to downlaod free dice! :)

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