Socratic Design

Surprisingly, there are more RPG blogs out there than I’d initially. One such website goes by the title of Socratic Design, a blog from the author of an RPG called Ember Twilight. I haven’t had time to read the entire backlog, but so far it looks to be of interest to any budding RPG designer, with articles including What’s it like to publish an RPG? and How can Magic be used in an RPG?

If you’re interested in the field of RPG writing, it’s definitely worth having a look at Socratic Design.

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Doug Hagler (November 2nd, 2007)

I second that notion - Socratic Design has a lot of interesting posts, which if I recall correctly are even archived by topic. (Also, the humble blog that I and a few friends share involves our own discussion of games and game design…)

Robert (November 2nd, 2007)

i have a few questions i hope that i am correct in this there was a post with a young girl swing a onion stem in a circle singing a song in a foreign language this is the site:
and i was woundering if you could help me finds its true title, if it was not to much trouble
that you for your time and any possible help you may be able to give me

Jonathan Drain (November 3rd, 2007)

@Robert: See here.

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