Portals, Rod of

This heavy white rod is strange and alien in shape, and appears to be made from steel. Crafted by a mage’s guild who were paid a handsome sum to develop magical artifacts for a great king, the rod went missing under mysterious circumstances and was never seen again. Rumour has it, however, that the Rod of Portals is hidden in an orange box, protected by nineteen dangerous and increasingly complex puzzles.

The Rod of Portals conceals two buttons on its underside, one blue and one orange. Pushing each button opens a magical portal in any flat, stationary surface that the rod is pointed at—for example, walls, floors or ceilings. Only two such portals can exist at any one time, each one linked to one of the buttons. A person stepping into any one portal finds himself stepping out of the other - likewise, the portals can transport objects or even spells in the same manner.

Each portal is large enough for a human to step through with ease. A portal collapses immediately if a second is created with the same button, or after one hour has passed. Portals also collapse if the surface they are on is moved.

The rod, however, carries a minor curse. Whoever wields it is periodically hears the echoing voice of a woman, who claims at all times to be watching the wielder.

Moderate transmutation, CL9th, Craft Rod, dimension door; 76,000 gp; Weight 10lbs.

Yes, I’ve been playing Portals. Go buy the Orange Box from Valve now.

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mike (October 18th, 2007)

There was a Forgotten Realms 3.0 monster who could create portals such as this, I think it was called the Sharn? It was a black, three-headed, three-armed weird thing that fought the Phaerimm. I think the portals were called Hex Portals. They were unbelievably powerful, even without the versatility of the hex portals. But man were they cool.

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