IRC Dice Bot: “Bones”

Astute users will have noticed the "Roleplaying Tools" section on the right where I’m hoping to apply my programming knowledge to the field of roleplaying games. Today’s update is Bones, anIRC dice bot programmed in Ruby. In short, Bones connects to Internet Relay Chat and rolls dice on command, allowing you to play online.

Among the features of this bot are multi-channel and multi-server support, public and private rolls, and most significantly, heavy support for complex dice notation - including adding or subtracting any number of dice or integers. I’ve made Bones available for free. Clicky link!

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Phased Weasel (October 10th, 2007)

It may not be of your design, but I think the OpenRPG system deserves a link. It’s a free and solid way to play tabletop games over the internet. For years I’ve looked for a good solution, and now am finally running a campaign over the net for my old high school and college friends. It has support for chat, GUI dice rolling, character / monster sheets, and a reasonably useful tabletop (the most valuable function, for me).

Osagasu (November 18th, 2007)

These are servers out there that do produce radiation-based random numbers, such as “HotBits,” which the dice-roller I used before I started using this one used for number generation.

tekkas (April 23rd, 2013)

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks, this is a very nice bot.

Had a bit of a snag getting it to load properly but it’s okay now. Well done.

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