They’re Reprinting Lone Wolf!

I don’t check Project Aon all that often, which is why I only just heard the news: Mongoose Publishing is to reprint the Lone Wolf series of gamebooks.

Lone Wolf, if you’re not familiar, is a series of of fantasy roleplaying gamebooks by Joe Dever, taking the “choose your own adventure” style and applying D&D-style mechanics and feel - you collect magical artifacts, roll dice in combat, and even retain equipment and abilities from one book to the next. Lone Wolf was inspired by Dever’s own Dungeons & Dragons game, and the influence of the most popular RPG can be seen throughout the book’s twenty-something volumes.

This is not simply a reprint, however. This new edition of volume one, Flight from the Dark, expands and extends the original material. If it’s successful, we can expect to see the rest of the Lone Wolf series follow. The cheapskates among you can head over to Project Aon, where the first twenty-five books have been placed online.

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Nigel (September 19th, 2007)

You see, this is great news except for the fact that an adventure I ran with my group a few years ago blatantly ripped off a ton of the names from this series of books. My adventure didn’t have a lot to do with the books (other than four brothers of various skill and ability trying to take over the world), so there’s nothing really to worry about there. I just feel kind of silly using old names I never expected to pop up again because I was too lazy to come up with my own (and there are some pretty cool names too!) only to, you guessed it, have them pop up again.

So now I have a dilemma, do I just come clean and let them know I just yoinked the names from a bunch of my favorite books as a kid, not mention it at all hoping that they never run across them, or just pretend like I didn’t even know those books existed if they do come across them. (Shasarak huh? And Shadakai? Yeah, never heard of them before…)

I’m such a tool. :)

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