Wizards to Resurrect Dragon/Dungeon as Online Magazines

If you haven’t heard this already, Wizards of the Coast already has submissions guidelines for online versions of Dragon and Dungeon magazines. A few things are of note:

  • The guidelines are much shorter than Paizo’s. This may change as the magazine progresses.
  • Wizards intends to keep the Ecology and Demonomicon articles. It’s as yet unclear whether they intend to retain Dragon’s method of presenting high challenge rating versions of the archdemons presented in the Fiend Folio series at around CR20.
  • Starting rate is 6 cents per word, a slight increase from Paizo’s 5 cent per word.
  • Adventures are limited to 10,000 words, and have a new tactical encounter format. Some writers for the old magazine are already worried that this will make it difficult to fit a high-level adventure into the word limit.
  • Since the encounter formats refer to 700-word pages, it seems like the magazine will be published as a PDF rather than a web form. This is hopefully true; I’ve said it before that I’m not impressed by Wizards’ current web design ability.

There’s a thread over at Paizo on the topic.