Inspired by: Legend of Zelda

Alright, I surrender. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii has finally convinced me to write up a set of feats and abilities inspired by the Zelda game series. Some minor spoilers here, but only in terms of what special attacks you learn.

First are some Unearthed Arcana style character traits:

Off-handed (trait)
You are left-handed, if right-handedness is the norm for your race. Otherwise, you are right-handed.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to attack when fighting opponents who are using a shield, and are not also off-handed.
Drawback: You suffer a -1 penalty to AC under the same circumstances.
Roleplaying ideas: Characters with this trait might have trouble fitting into traditional military establishments, preferring to become lone wolves.

Next, some combat feats. I’m afraid I don’t really feel up to my usual level of rules-scrutiny on this one, but it’s more or less balanced.

Ending Blow [General]
You have learned a hidden technique to finish off incapacitated opponents with a reckless sword-first leap.
Prerequisites: Base attack +1, Jump 5 ranks.
Benefit: Whenever you attack a foe who is denied their Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (such as knocked prone) you may leap recklessly at the opponent and deal 1d8 points of bonus damage. If the opponent is still able to make Attacks of Opportunity despite being flat-footed (such as by having the Combat Reflexes feat or feigning his flat-footed condition), he may make one against you; if it hits, or if he is not flat-footed, you cannot apply the bonus damage. You may only apply the bonus to one attack per round. If the foe is helpless, you may make a coup de grace attack instead of a normal attack, but you provoke Attacks of Opportunity from adjacent foes as usual.
Special: A fighter may select Ending Blow as one of his bonus feats.

Shield Attack [General]
Your shield attacks throw an opponent off-balance.
Prerequisites: Base attack +3, Shield Proficiency, Improved Shield Bash
Benefit: Whenever you make a successful shield bash attack against your opponent, he suffers a -2 penalty to attacks or AC (your choice) for one round. Alternatively, you may deny the opponent the use of his own shield for a round. Multiple penalties do not stack, although you can apply separate penalties to to AC and attacks.
Special: A fighter may select Shield Attack as one of his bonus feats.

Back Slice [General]
You have learned the hidden techique of turning to strike your opponent from behind.
Prerequisites: Base attack +5, Tumble 5 ranks.
Benefit: If you successfully manoever to the opposite side of an opponent from where you began the round, all attacks you make this round ignore the opponent’s shield and up to two points each of Armor Class from each of Armor and Natural Armor.
Special: A fighter may select Back Slice as one of his bonus feats.

Helm Splitter [General]
You have learned a hidden technique to vault over an opponent while striking his head.
Prerequisites: Base attack +7, Jump 8 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks, Power Attack
Benefit: Once per round as an attack action, you can vault over an opponent while attacking his head. Doing so requires a Jump or Tumble check with a DC equal to 20 plus or minus 10 for each size category above or below Medium, respectively. If successful, you deal 1d8 points of bonus damage and land behind your opponent, who loses his Dexterity bonus to Armor class relative to you for one round. You must have an unbroken run-up of at least 20ft immediately before the vault, or the DC is doubled.
Special: A fighter may select Helm Splitter as one of his bonus feats.

Mortal Draw [General]
You have learned a hidden technique allowing you to surprise opponents by drawing your sword suddenly.
Prerequisites: Base attack +9, Quick Draw
Benefit: If you are unarmed and draw a weapon immediately before attacking an opponent who is aware of you, they are denied their Dexterity bonus to Armor Class relative to you for that attack.
Special: A fighter may select Mortal Draw as one of his bonus feats.

Jump Strike [General]
You have learned a hidden technique to strike approaching opponents with legendary timing.
Prerequisites: Base attack +11, Jump 12 ranks
Benefit: As a standard action you can ready a Jump Strike. If any opponent comes within ten feet of you within the following round, you can leap toward your opponent, executing a Jump Strike. Treat this as a charge attack, except that the attack is made with a +4 bonus and deals deal double normal damage.
Special: A fighter may select Jump Strike as one of his bonus feats.

Great Spin [General]
You have learned the ultimate hidden technique.
Prerequisites: Base attack +13, Cleave, Power Attack, Whirlwind Attack
Benefit: Whenever you make a Whirlwind Attack, each opponent must succeed at a Reflex save with a DC equal to the damage you deal, or be knocked prone. Furthermore, you may make extra attacks you would normally be afforded, such as from the Cleave feat or a haste spell (although not bonus attacks from a high Base Attack Bonus or fighting with two or more weapons). You can only use this ability when your current hit point total is equal to at least fifty percent of your maximum.
Special: A fighter may select Great Spin as one of his bonus feats.

Finally, a few extra feats:

Twilight Familiar [General]
Touched with shadow, your familiar can draw upon your spellcasting potential to power spell-like abilities.
Prerequisites: Improved Familiar, Knowledge (the planes) 5 ranks.
Benefit: When you prepare spells or refresh your daily spell allotment, you may spend spell slots that day to imbue your familiar with certain spell-like abilities of the same level or lower (see below). Commanding your familiar to use a spell-like ability is a free action. Each spell-like ability can be used once per day per spell slot you expend. You may imbue each spell-like ability once per day, plus once more for each spell level you are able to cast above that spell-like ability. You may choose from the following spell-like abilities: open door, expeditious retreat, detect secret doors, see invisible, fly, dimension door, polymorph (humanoid and animal forms only), teleport, telekinesis, greater teleport, and any spell-like abilities your familiar already has.

Your Sword With Power [General]
You have learned a magical technique to strike even distant foes with your sword.
Prerequisites: Proficiency in any martial or exotic weapon, Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks.
Benefit: When wielding a magical melee weapon, you may use that weapon to fire a magical force bolt as an attack action. In effect, your melee weapon can be used as a ranged weapon with a range increment of 30ft., using the normal rules for ranged weapons. Apply the weapon’s magical enhancement as normal, but do not apply your Strength modifier or any bonuses or magical abilities which can only apply to melee weapons (such as Vorpal). You can only use this ability when your current hit point total is equal to at least fifty percent of your maximum.
Special: A fighter may select Your Sword With Power as one of his bonus feats.

I Told My Friends, It Was a Dumb Idea [General]
You and two friends have gotten a Triforce tattoo.
Prerequisites: Intelligence 13 or lower
Benefit: You have a magically enhanced tattoo representing one of three parts of an ancient symbol of Power, Wisdom and Courage. You gain one of the folllowing abilities:

  • Power: a +2 bonus to Intimidate and saves vs death effects
  • Wisdom: a +2 bonus to Sense Motive and saves vs illusions
  • Courage: a +2 bonus to Survival and saves vs fear effects

These bonuses to saves are morale bonuses.
Special: You must take this feat simultaneously with two other people. When you take this feat, deduct 50gp.

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Sean (June 23rd, 2007)

thats pretty nice :D lol, I hadn’t thought of doing anything like this, but now I think I might, also I think the last ones a pretty funny feat.

Pedant (June 30th, 2007)

Re: Ending Blow
The example you give for an opponent who has lost their Dex bonus to AC is wrong.
Someone who is knocked prone maintains their Dexterity Bonus to their armour class. They just take a -4 penalty to AC vs melee attacks.

See SRD:

Cassius (October 4th, 2007)

I think for the “I Told My Friends it Was a Dumb Idea” feat, each player should have to choose one of the three tattoos, otherwise all three could choose “Power,” for instance.

Lintem (September 10th, 2013)

Noooooooo I only have 15 gp

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