What’s the Break DC of a Planet? and Other Stumpers

Kevin asks: Do the power word spells really take up spell level + 1 pages in a spellbook? After all, if they’re just one word…

Gilbert asks: It states in the Player’s Handbook that a monk’s fists can do up to 2d8 damage. Can one dismember the fists and use them as improvised weapons for the same damage?

Joe asks: Can a water elemental surround a vampire and prevent it from moving? I already know a vampire cannot strike it, for that would make it mad and a vampire cannot cross running water.

All these and more at the official site: Ask Wizards Stumpers: The Unanswerable Questions.

Other April Fool’s hilarity from Wizards this year includes Creatures That Cannot Be, II in which the Sage thinks half-dragon dragons are rules-legal (if stupid), and at long last, official stats on the the Head of Vecna!