Pagerank 4 at last!

I’m pleased to announce that this blog has reached the lofty heights of Pagerank 4. That’s two whole points higher than the previous score, so it seems that we’re going places!

For those of you who aren’t web development afficionados, Pagerank is Google’s scoring system for determining how popular a website is depending on how many websites link to it. (The rarely-attained maximum score is 10–perhaps only two dozen websites currently hold this score.) Google recently updated their Pagerank statistics for the quarter, and I’m pretty pleased to find that my site has jumped two notches from PR2 to PR4.

By comparison to other D&D websites, PR4 places me on an equal footing with Martin Ralya’s Treasure Tables. At PR5 we see Mike Mearls' livejournal and The official D&D website, meanwhile, shares the commendable Pagerank 6 with ENWorld. Can anyone find a roleplaying games website with a higher Pagerank? Comments are open.

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Martin Ralya (October 12th, 2006)

I believe Roleplaying Tips is a PR 7, and deservedly so.

Congrats on reaching PR 4! :)

Martin Ralya (October 12th, 2006)

You piqued my curiosity (I haven’t prodded PRs in awhile), so I started poking around. Because Google uses multiple datacenters, some PR calculators won’t show the most accurate results.

I used Future PageRank and Live PageRank (both of which poll several datacenters), and found RPTips at 5, TT at 6, Mearls at 5, WotC at 7, RPGnet at 6. Interesting stuff!

Is there a bigger gaming site than WotC? I can’t think of any offhand, and if that’s the case then PR 7 is one hell of a ceiling!

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