Guess Who’s In the Latest Dragon?

The latest Dragon magazine should be on the shelves now. The cover sports a particularly excellent picture of Vecna, who I think we can all agree is the coolest deity in D&D. Almost as cool as Vecna on the cover is the “36 chilling curses”. Yeah, that’s mine.

You know how bestow curse says “You may also invent your own curse, but it should be no more powerful than those described above”? Well, I did - thirty-three of them, to be precise. The editors must have added three more, so it’s nice to see that the article is inspiring people to write their own original curses.

The article of mine is named “Bestowed Curses”, my third printed in Dragon. I haven’t received my copy yet but I hear it’s illustrated by Andrew Hou, who is perhaps my favourite Dragon/Dungeon illustrator after Wayne “running at forty-five degree angles” Reynolds.

I’m going to make it quite simple here: Here’s the link to buy this month’s issue, and here’s the link to buy a twelve month subscription. It’s only the top D&D magazine there is, so why aren’t you spending your $3.25 a month to subscribe?

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Rory (September 20th, 2006)

I enjoyed your article quite a bit, and I’m already a subscriber - but don’t you think it’sa big leap to go from a “buy a single issue” link to a “buy a twelve YEAR Subscription” link?
I mean 12 months isn’t that much to ask, but 12 years is an awefully long commitment, and how can we be sure you’ll be submitting articles for that whole length of time….
Seriously, I really enjoyed the article. Keep up the good work.

ScottM (September 21st, 2006)

Congratulations— that was one of my favorite articles this year.

Jonathan Drain (September 21st, 2006)

Whoops, I meant twelve months. Fixed!

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