4th Edition Already?

I see yet another “4th edition is nigh” rumour is doing the rounds at EN World. To be honest, I think we’re kidding ourselves if we think that Wizards of the Coast will never release another edition of the game - on the business side core books are profitable, and on the design side there are many things that could be improved, as Arcana Evolved and Iron Heroes might be said to prove. Still, it’s far too early to be talking about D&D fourth edition - it’ll be a while yet, at least several years.

The question is, how much truth is there to this rumour? Regarding the release of a new edition, it’s easy to imagine that Wizards are, if nothing else, examining their rules right now to see where improvements can be made, and I think any DM with a minimum of business sense can see that the addition of miniatures adds a lot of depth to the game as well as being a sound money-maker to help Wizards keep the game afloat. Understandably, I think a lot of people are worried that a new edition will steal their money and upset their rules knowledge, although I’m sure there are some people frustrated with various glitches of the current system who would welcome a new edition of the game. Even so, rumours like this are difficult to pin down, and it’s hard to say whether they began from an official source who let too much slip, or from some anonymous player applying his business sense to see if he can lull Wizards into admitting too much.