Israeli Military Doesn’t Mind D&D After All

Remember the news story from a while back that the Israeli military was stripping high-security clearance from soldiers who play D&D, on the argument that they “live in a fantasy world”? Seems like it was a bit of an overstatement. In a message board post on the Paizo forums, a sergeant in the IDF finally clears up this mess:

Now here’s what’s really going on: the Israeli LARP community is made of junkies, drunks and freaks (real ones) and in local slang is called RD&D (Real D&D) those idiots run about with real swords and armor and quite often really wound one another. Some general heard about them and said that these folks shouldn’t get responsible jobs in the army because they live in a fantasy world. The aforementioned article, not making the fine distinction between D&D and RD&D wrote that D&D players are classified as “madâ€? in the IDF and started all this mess.

So it seems the IDF don’t penalize soldiers’ security clearance for playing D&D after all. Common sense reigns once again. Feel free to link this on your own blog - we have trackbacks and pingbacks and all kinds of awesome stuff here.

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Oniyagi (July 24th, 2006)

Great blog. Maybe they are realizing that those of us that play D&D are better suited for security clearance in the first place. When I was in the Army (U.S.), I was the only guy in my D&D group that wasn’t in some sort of intel field.

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