Another Anecdote

There was another time, when a character in my game found a rock and said “I throw it at Quinn” — Quinn was my half-elven bard NPC, who they hated so badly that they kept trying unsucessfully to get him killed in hilarious ways. “Quinn didn’t follow you, he’s back in town.”

"So what’s the range increment on that?"
“Range increment? He’s one mile away.”

"Can I hit him if I roll a natural 20?"
“Yeah, why not.”

He rolls. “Oh yeah! Natural 20!”
“…oh wow. Quinn’s busking on the street when a rock falls from the sky and knocks him flat out. The people disperse and brigands steal his lyre.”

I stopped letting them do dumb things on natural twenties after that.

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deadseashoals (June 10th, 2006)

Improvised thrown weapons have a range increment of 10 feet, and thrown weapons can be tossed a maxmimum of 5 range increments. It is covered by the rules :-)

Jake (June 21st, 2006)

This sounds exactly like something our group would try. Though I have to disagree with your ruling. Dumb things on a d20 sometimes make the night!

Happy Gamin.

Tarin (July 1st, 2006)

this was the same charter who dual wielded greatswords and jumped off the cliff. i do some pretty stupid thing sometimes. but at least i didnt call him tarin like alot of my other charters

Aldaron (December 29th, 2007)

That reminds me of a scene in West End Games’ old D6 Star Wars game. Using the (in)famous “Wild Die”, where you made a different-coloured die a “Wild Die” and re-rolled it if it came up 6 (and kept doing so as long as it came up 6). My wife was playing a Jedi on the run in Tatooine. She rolled to jump up to a first-floor balcony, using the Force as a springboard. I ruled it was difficulty 20. She rolled, and got a 6 on her wild die. And another. And another. And another…I kid you not, she ended up rolling something like 72 in total.

So Mos Eisley saw a Jedi flying across the city that afternoon…

(Of course, I won’t describe a similar situation in Prime Directive that had me sucker-punch a Gorn, KOing him in one hit…and nobody would believe me! :) )

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