Trogdor Is Frozen In Time

Remember the last episode of Buffy where they play a roleplaying game that’s similar to (but legally distinct from) Dungeons & Dragons, and encounter none other than Strong Bad’s Trogdor the Burninator? The maps from that episode just went on eBay for $400. That’s not what I’m impressed about, though.

Take a look at the maps (I don’t know how long that image will be up) and see if you recognise them. The “Red Wizard Enclave” doesn’t ring any bells for me, but I certainly recognise the second map without having to read the label. It’s the Bastion of Souls. The battle with a certain dragon in this chamber is not something you forget if you played in that adventure, “Bastion of Broken Souls!

In the Buffy episode where they played D&D, they were battling Ashardalon, who’s just about the most powerful fire breathing dragon D&D has to offer. Giles (Dwarf ftr20) gets owned by Ashardalon’s full attack before he gets his chance to use Dragonhammer, whereupon Dawn (Human Sor16/Archmage4) gets lucky with a casting of temporal stasis and ends the fight all too quickly. Am I reading too much into this? Maybe. Maybe not, though. Getting lucky with a single, too-powerful spell is how we beat Ashardalon when we fought him in the Bastion, too.

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Stush (May 17th, 2006)


Dot (May 25th, 2006)

I so need to see this episode now. The awesome-super-geekiness!

(was sent here by Murray :P).

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