Bag of Holding House Rule

I’ve instituted the following simple house rule into all of my games to solve tricky situations wherein players attempt to place a Bag of Holding inside a Portable Hole another Bag of Holding.

If the player attempts to place a Bag of Holding into another Bag of Holding, the two simply repel each other like magnets, making it impossible to do so - or at least exceedingly difficult (DC 30 Strength check). The same goes for placing one Portable Hole inside another, or for any combination of Bags of Holding, Portable Holes or any similar items.

I typically eliminate the Portable Hole from my games entirely, since it is a silly item. I also allow Bags of Holding to be carried into the extradimensional space created by a rope trick spell, and rule that when a Bag of Holding is split open its entire contents spill out as opposed to being lost. This actually saved a character’s life who managed to keep a wagon in his bag, which he hid behind to prevent a drow lich from having line-of-sight to cast disintegrate on him.

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Stryqwills (June 30th, 2009)

I like this variant. One of my players keeps trying to get two bags of holding just for the purpose of putting one into the other.

Regrs (July 30th, 2009)

Guys I thought that this is common knowledge, you cannot have an extradimensional space inside an extradimensional space because it’s a MAJOR NO…NO!!!

It either opens an unstable rift to the astral plane or it simply goes boom discharging the magical energies spend in their creation, effectively destroying any non-artifact item held within and packing quite a whallop at those no good players that try to cheat the system.

Triballion (August 14th, 2009)

This is a nifty house rule. Regrs, I’m sure that they are aware of the standard rule, but this allows for some variance.
Of course, I can’t use this rule in my current game, as I’ve used the standard destructive rule in the story. The PCs have a Sphere of Annihilation, which they keep in a Portable Hole when they are not using (it’s actually the perfect container for such an item). Their enemies have attempted to destroy the PH by throwing a BoH into it, which would most likely eject the Sphere onto another plane. The enemy doesn’t care what happens to the Sphere, so long as the players aren’t using it to foil their schemes.

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