Thundaril (Minor Artifact weapon)

Known through the centuries under several names, this legendary greataxe has been wielded by countless generations of dwarven heroes. Constant exposure to powerful magic and untold feats of bravery has infused the weapon with a soul of its own, and some believe it has been blessed by Moradin himself.

Thundaril has gradually been magically enhanced by its previous owners - most recently by the renowned archwizard Elminster himself. In its current form, it is an intelligent adamantine +5 keen icy burst greataxe. It has an Intelligence score of 18, Wisdom of 19, a Charisma of 10 and an ego score of 31, and is lawful good in alignment. It can speak and read all languages, read magic at will and communicate telepathically with its wielder. It grants also its them the following abilities:

  • Free use of the Combat Reflexes feat
  • Constant true seeing
  • The ability to find traps as a rogue
  • Flight, as the fly spell for thirty minutes, twice per day
  • Telepathy, range 100ft, twice per day

Thundaril's special purpose is to defend dwarvenkind. When its wielder is in the pursuit of this goal, any foe struck must make a Will save DC 12 or be blinded for 2d6 rounds. Thundaril is strongly lawful good, and any character who so much as picks it up and is not also lawful good gains three negative levels until they drop it again.

The weapon’s haft also functions as a staff, containing the following spells:

  • Divine Favor (18th level caster) (1 charge)
  • Antimagic Field (Protection domain version) (2 charges)

In addition to all these abilities, Thundaril functions normally in dead magic areas and is immune to antimagic and dispelling - even Mordenkainen’s disjunction has no effect on it. Note that only the original artifact Thundaril has this ability - while the statistics below can be used to create a replica Thundaril, such a weapon will neither be an artifact nor will it have the immunity to dispelling and antimagic.

Overpowering evocation; CL 29th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Staff, chill metal, keen edge; Price 250,195 gp; Weight: 25lb.

The name Thundaril was chosen by the player’s DM from a Forgotten Realms sourcebook, although the weapon itself is not. This is the weapon my first D&D character found in the Tomb of the Dwarven Lords, where it began its career as a +2 Greataxe. It should have been a dwarven waraxe, but my DM fudged it for me. Thanks, DM!