Sneaking Suit

Thieves and assassins alike know the benefits of wearing dark, well-fitted clothes and soft-soled shoes to make sneaking around easier. Even so, only the most legendary rogues can afford this magically enhanced outfit. The wearer of a Sneaking Suit finds himself almost completely invisible to normal sight and his movements inaudiable even to himself.

An ingenious camouflage system causes the wearer to appear seemingly transparent, granting him an amazing +20 competence bonus to Hide checks. The limitation that a character cannot hide while being observed still applies, since it is still possible for onlookers to notice movement. In addition, the suit muffles all sound made by the wearer, bestowing a +20 competence bonus on Move Silently checks.

The Sneaking Suit takes up the robe slot on the wearer’s body. As a standard action, one or both of the suit’s functions may be activated or deactivated.

Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, invisibility, silence; Price: 100,000gp; Weight: 1 lb.