Demon’s Horde Bracers

Human spellcasters are not the only creatures able to craft magical items. While most powerful demons choose to specialize in combat, a few work from behind the scenes, honing their magical abilities instead and churning out powerful magic items for their demonic hordes. The Demon’s Horde Bracers are once such item.

Worn as a set, each bracer is crafted from black steel and inlaid with black onyx in strange, abyssal patterns. They afford their wearer a +3 armor bonus, similar to bracers of armor +3. Additionally, one of each pairs of bracers is inset with three large runes, which when activated affects the wearer as if the spell had been cast on them. Each rune may be activated once per day, and activating one is a standard action.

First rune: Dimension Door (720ft range, self and two medium creatures or one large creature)
Second rune: Greater Invisibility (Improved Invisibility) (self only, duration 8 rounds)
Third rune: Divine Favor (+2 luck bonus to attack and damage for one minute)

The bracers, however, have a limitation. While any wearer can use the first rune, the second and third runes may only be used by a demon of the type specified upon the item’s creation. Furthermore, the item does not resize to fit its wearer. Each rune glows an eerie red when if its wearer can use it and its charge has not been used for the day.

Faint evocation, faint evil; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item, dimension door, divine favor, greater invisibility, resistance; Price: 47,880gp; Weight: 1lb.