Sword-Chucks (novelty weapon)

This strange weapon is almost as dangerous to its wielder as it is to its enemies. Sword-chucks are a cross between the longsword and the nunchaku, with the unfortunate design flaw of being invented by one of the most bird-brained fighters in history. Essentially, the weapon is a set of two longswords, attached by a short length of chain.

Sword-Chucks, two-handed exotic double melee weapon. Cost 60gp, Damage (small) 1d6/1d6, Damage (medium) 1d8/1d8, Critical 19-20/x2, Weight 6lbs, Type slashing. On a roll of a natural 1, the wielder strikes himself with the sword-chucks, automatically hitting and dealing damage.

The Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for this weapon has an additional prerequisite of Dex 15. Any wielder not proficient in its use must make a reflex save (DC 18) once during each round in which they attempt to use it as a double weapon, or else automatically strike themself with the weapon.

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Shane (November 14th, 2007)

SWORDCHUCKS, YO!! HAhahaha 8 bit theater rules

Bob (March 18th, 2008)

GO FIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cat (April 24th, 2008)

And this is why we wear nut-cups

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